Haunted Briargrove

Here comes Peter RottenTail
Hunting Down the Forest Trail
Bringing every girl and boy
A Basketful of Fear and Woe…

The ancient castle stronghold that lays crumbled by the edges of the forest has been reclaimed by the Skeleton King and his army of ruthless skeletons. Rumor has it the king has a new ally – the stench of dragon is growing stronger throughout the village.

But the dragon is the least of the villagers’ worries. 

The witches suffered a grave defeat at the hands of the Skeletons.  Liza Crawhook was defeated, but the Banshee still lives and she seems to grow more powerful with each passing day. The witches are amassing an army of human/animal hybrids, which are terrorizing the countryside.  Children have been snatched from their beds to be turned into monsters…or worse.

If you dare to go into the keep and through to the woods, you do so at your own peril.  No one will help you.

Enter at your own risk.  Beware.  You have been warned.

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